Independents and the Independent Candidate

November 28, 2007 on 11:31 am

The cover story of Newsweek’s Nov 12 issue is on New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, the country’s top celebrity Independent. It’s a solid newsweekly profile and raises the point of the political Independent and an independent candidate.

According the Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard University poll published in July, Independents surveyed were half again as likely to seriously consider voting for an independent candidate as an R or a D; i.e., 77% of Independents would seriously consider so voting vs 49% of the Rs and 50% of the Ds. A follow up question indicated that 29% of Independents would prefer the next president be an Independent with 5% of the Rs and 6% of the Ds so inclined. (

We’ll we be looking at this issue as the campaign progresses. However, we would like to make clear that in our mind there is no automatic link between a person who sees himself or herself as a political Independent and a candidate running as an independent. Future Elector articles will address this issue. IDn’s role is to help Indepedents vote in a way that best reflects their interests and their perception of the interests of the country — R, D, Independent, no matter.

Also, the Elector section under Being an Independent will scroll published Elector articles in chronologocal order.


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