Purpose vs. Power

January 16, 2008 on 1:39 pm

Watching the Nevada Democratic Debate last night, I was reminded why I am an Independent.

First, the opening half hour was spent talking about the campaign itself. The issue was race and it went on and on as to who said what to whom about what and “I did not mean to say anything other than that which I’m now saying I said and you can quote me on that…” Yech!

Next, was the three of them sitting at the table, Obama, Clinton and Edwards, barely sixteen years in the Senate amongst them. The biggest thing anyone one of them has actually run is their career. This is not to disqualify any of them from serving in the highest office of the land, it is to say I’d want to know a lot more about who is going to serve in their cabinet before I would consider voting for him or her in November. As of now, we have very little to go on as to their likely success in actually running the country. In this, not feeling an obligation to vote for any one of the three because of party affiliation is a genuine, board certified comfort.

Finally, there’s the vision thing. They all claim a vision for the future. How could they not? The question is the nature of the vision they see. To wit, does their vision of America in a better day necessarily include them running it? Listen to what they say, the words they use and the context they seek to set in a debate or in an interview. Do they see a better world, or just one they are running?

Clearly, a person needs an ego to want the presidency, and an ego to succeed in it. The question is, what is more important to the candidate: Purpose or Power? Figure that out among the candidates, and you will make a good vote, no matter who wins.


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