The McCain Factor

February 15, 2008 on 12:45 pm

The Wisconsin primary could be the test case for the McCain Factor.

With Romney’s endorsement of the senator from Arizona virtually gauranteeing McCain’s nomination, the Democratic primary is likely to draw the lion’s share of Independents who turn out in Wisconsin on February 19. With exit polls showing Obama as having taken a commanding lead among Independents to date, the McCain Factor could secure for him a state that many already see going his way.

More importantly, Clinton’s “fire wall” states of Texas and Ohio, like Michigan, are both open primaries; i.e., Independents can vote in either primary. If there is a McCain Factor, Michigan could be as important for its indication of how Independents will vote on March 4 in Texas and Ohio as it will be for the number of committed delegates it delivers to either Clinton or Obama.

So, get out there and vote. And remember to let any pollster nearby know that you were there, which way you went, and why.


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