Wisconsin Is NOW

February 19, 2008 on 4:18 am

The latest polls have Sen. Obama ahead of Sen. Clinton in the Badger State, the four most recent giving him a combined 47.5 to 43.5 advantage. http://www.pollster.com/08-WI-Dem-Pres-Primary.php However, these polls only reflect Democrats who expect to vote in the primary. The polls do not include Independents. Moreover, Wisconsin, where estimates put Independents at 40% of the electorate, has an open primary that permits registration on the day of the primary. If Obama continues to draw the lion’s share of Independents, they could play a key role in giving him a strong finish.

Also, as with Wisconsin, the polls for Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania do not include Independents; i.e., only Democrats and Republicans who expect to vote in each state’s respective primary. It will be very interesting to see whether Independents continue to favor Obama in Wisconsin and how that might affect voting patterns on March 4 (Ohio and Texas.) It will also be of interest to see what play the media gives the Independent vote.

With registration open on the day of the primary, there can be no excuses for the Independent, or anyone else, not to get out and vote. Election 08 is shaping up to be a once in a generation event and you’ve got two chances to affect who will win it – now and in November. So vote.


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