President Coover

October 1, 2008 on 3:39 am

How appropriate, as we approach Halloween and stories of hobgoblins and headless horsemen, to have a Capitol City without the slightest hint of leadership. President Coover has abdicated no less certainly than Edward of yore, and he didn’t even get to keep the girl!

We have the party in office (I avoid the term “in power”), a heretofore blind or simply uncaring steward, discover an economy in trouble, despite the soundness of its fundamentals, running pillar to post for $700 billion to fix it. Setting aside that the administration that stewarded us to this turn would seem the last with which to trust so staggering a sum of money, its three page, blank check request is fleshed out, run to the White House where it stalls as that same party’s members walk out, survives over a weekend of work and sweat to be announced done, only to be voted down by the very party that initiated it, as taunted by the majority party’s leadership, a grandmother but not quite yet, it would seem, a grown up, all leading to market value losses of over one trillion dollars – that’s $1,000,000,000,000. Gone.

Yes sir, that’s what I call leadership!

In truth, I know little about President Calvin Coolidge, “Silent Cal” to both his friends, and about as much about President Herbert Hoover, his successor. They were apparently decent men, the former known for two hour naps each afternoon and the latter, a tireless engineer credited with herculean efforts in the rebuilding of Europe after World War I.

What I know of either man, in fact, is largely what I have seen on the History Channel, Coolidge in his Indian headdress as it flowed over his three piece business suit while he held a peace pipe, and Hoover, hapless as a market crash was let run to the Great Depression. Somehow the colors and forms of these visions seem to run so easily to a composite vision of George W. Bush (I avoid the word President) as he works to reassure us that all will be fine in these troubling times, knowing as we do that he would not seem to have a clue as to what to do or whom to call. Indeed, after personal calls to all 19 Representatives from his own party, from his own home state of Texas, he was able to win the support of only four for his own Adminstation’s legislation.

Yes, sir, can’t you just see W in that headdress, a podium and microphone before him, stumbling through a simple declarative sentence? But wait. Wait. This is unkind, unfair even. As I said, I know little of Coolidge and Hoover and perhaps I defame each unjustly by such association.

What, in these circumstances, could be more timely than a presidential election? We get to audition the contestants at a time of national crisis and make a choice, the effect to be enjoyed in 112 days. I can hardly wait.



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