The following books are selected on the basis of their subject matter and authorship, as well as having been recently published. It is not intended to be comprehensive or reflect any particular political philosophy or agenda. We would welcome you nominations for additional books. We want to keep the list relatively short and will work to keep it to no more than fifteen books at any one time. Those subsequently removed from the list will be shifted to the Archive. Though we would love to have the time to read them all, we make no such representation.

The Second Civil War:

How Extreme Partisanship Has Paralyzed Washington and Polarized America
Ronald Brownstein – 2007
Penguin. 484 pp

Independents Day:

Awakening the American Spirit
Lou Dobbs – 2007
Viking. 211 pp

The Argument:

Billionaires, Bloggers, And the Battle to Remake Democrfatic Politics
Matt Bai – 2007
Penguin Press. 316 pp

Common Ground:

How to Stop the Partisan War That Is Destroying America
Cal Thomas and Bob Beckel – 2007
Morrow. 273 pp.

The Prince of Darkness:

60 Years Reporting in Washington
Robert Novak – 2007
Crown Forum. 662 pp

Life’s A Campaign:

What Friendship Has Taught Me About Friendship, Rivalry, Reputation and Success
Chris Matthews – 2007
Random House. 202 pp

The Conscious of a Liberal

Paul Krugman – 2007
W.W. Norton.

Politics Lost:

How American Democracy Was Trivialized by People Who Think You’re Stupid
Joel Klein – 2006
Doubleday. 246 pp

The Vanishing Voter:

Public Involvement in an Age of Uncertainty
Thomas E. Patterson – 2002
Vintage/Random House. 202 pp

The Almanac of American Politics

The National Journal Group

Partisan Hearts and Minds

Political Parties and the Social Identities of Voters
Donald Green, Bradley Palmquist and Eric Schikler – 2002
Yale University Press. 229 pp