You know you’re…

You know you’re an Independent if… 

If all or most of what follows makes sense to you, you may be an Independent:


It is on each Independent to ensure his or her views are considered in the election process; silence in a democracy is assent.

Independents occupy the full range of the political spectrum, from the far left to the far right, liberal to moderate to conservative.

There is a difference between a political party and a political philosophy; the former is that with which you identify, the latter is that which you believe.

The Independent is not apolitical, but a person who participates in the political process without the benefit/encumbrance of a party identification or affiliation.

Those who do not participate in the political process are not Independents. They are occupants, and no more than that.

In the political process, the Independent is as responsible for its workings and effectiveness as those who claim a party affiliation or identity.

Independents should be accorded unfettered access to and franchise in a political primary sanctioned or conducted by a state or other governmental agency.

Being an Independent is not necessarily forever. It is not a calling, but a political identity that can shift according to time and circumstance and the inclinations of those who claim it.

The Independent’s vote is a super vote; it is that which tips the scale. It should be earned by the candidate who gets it. It should never be cast without purpose, nor given up through indolence. A vote is a terrible thing to waste.

Independents don’t herd well, but they hear great!

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